Kokie Cosmetics ~ Unicorn inspired nails #1

*pr sample*

Feels good when you discover affordable brands right?  I heard of Kokie Cosmetics back when KathleenLight showed an Ipsy unboxing video . She was talking about the nail polish she got and if I remember it good, she really liked it. 
 I remember checking the brand up after the video. 
They started in US in 2015. If I read it right the CEO of Kokie was previous CEO of Sinful Colors. And yes I love Sinful Colors. Anyways Kokie, pronounce co-key, means elephant in Korean.  And if you look closely there is an elephant in the logo as well as on the polishes cap. 

I didn't purchase  or try anything untill now.
 I saw Kokie Cosmetics in Octoly free store, so I had to try something.  The products that caught my eyes were nail polishes. Set of 10 unicorn inspired colors.  I was lucky enough to be accepted in the campaign, and now here are my first swatches. 

I will try to show you new combinations every week and just swatches them all separately. I wanted to do it Sunday, but well not enough time. 

I painted my nails Sunday evening using NP31 Knockout and NP57 Intergalactic. 
They are 3 free and cruelty free. 
And I must say I love the combo. Knockout is gorgeous vibrant purple and Intergalactic have so many gorgeous sparkles in that for sure makes nails galactic! 
Intergalactic is a sheer purple based color and that why it look so good on the Knockout. Plus that little purple - gold flex makes nails so pretty. I can't stop looking at them :)

For my nails I used Maxus base and top coat. I applies two coats of Knockout and one coat of Intergalactic. 

Stay tuned for more paring :) I have 8 more polishes to show you. 
Kokie have in their offer over 80 polishes and a nail junkie in me wants them all. 

Each retails at $6 and can be purchase at Kokie Website

Empower Collection by MAXUS Nails ~ swatches

*pr sample*

Hello my nail polish junkies :)  
Have you ladies heard if MAXUS NAILS?  Its the nail polish line that puts nail health first. 
Founder, Dasha in 2015 launched Maxus Nails after formulating three products in her essential line. She didn't lunched colors but instead she started  with three basic and yet important products in every manicure : nail strengthener , base coat and top coat. 
 I can't tell much of the strengthener because I don't have it, but the base and top coats are amazing.

Base Coat specially formulated to deep nourish and strengthen natural nail plate. Protects nails from staining and discoloration. Creates a ideal canvas for flawless application. It contains silk amino acids and tea tree oil. This base coat is simply amazing. It helped my nails a lot after I had my acrylics removed. My nails were weak , thin and broke so easy.  This base coat arrived just in time for me to use it on  my nails. It definitely helped me to strengthen them.  Plus it help my nail polish last over  a week! There are two base coats I love and this one is one of them :) btw did you know that tea tree oil its great to defeat fungal infections? And this base coat is infused with tea tree oil, so I guess it is moving to my number 1 base coat, coz no one wants to have fungal infection right? 

Moving on to Top Coat, formulated with ceramic  powder and nylon, helps manicure last longer. Provides chip resistant, high shine, quick drying and streak free application. I like how it makes the nail polish look like gel polish. I be honest and say that I don't like gel polishes. I have had them done once and they did look good , but were pain in the butt to take off, plus I notice that my nail plates were really damaged. I dunno maybe I didn't use a good base coat. But anyways I prefer regular , old fashion nail polishes.  Just like the base coat I really adore this top coat. Makes my nails shine! and if I reapply every two days it makes my manicure last really long. Plus it protects against UV fading. 

Now lets move on the the colors ! Dasha launched her nail polish colors in 2016 and guys they are gorgeous! The protecting nail strengthen formula is infused into each polish, so that you can skip a base coat. I personally love base coat and I can't skip it :) Each polish is packed with amazing pigment and beautiful color pay off. They apply like a dream and last so long on my nails. The brush gives really precise application. There is four colors in Empowered Collection :

*Admired ~ rich bold color of bordeaux. 
* Adored ~ pretty nudy pastel pink
* Inspired ~ classic red 
* Respected ~ vampy Merlot.

all colors applied beautifully. I only had problems with Adored coz it looked a bit chalky, but once I applied top coat it was all better :) on all swatches I applied two coats of nail polish :)
The nail colors are 7 free. 
\Also did you know that Angelina Jolie , Hilary Swank and Anne Hathway are fond of Maxus Nail brand :) 

Base Coat, Top Coat and All nail colors can be found at MAXUS NAILS.
Retail $18 each 


Brand Focus ~ Nyakio Beauty

*pr sample*

Nyakio Beauty, owned by  first generation American of Kenyan descent, Nyakio Grieco. Ever since she was  little girl she spent a lot of time traveling to Kenya to see her grandmother. While there, Nyakio would learn family beauty secrets, that  later would spark her interest in skin care.

Her 16 piece skin care collection launched at Ulta Beauty few months ago.  
It is priced form $22 to $49. The brand uses amazing hydrating ingredients like neroli, maracuja, sweet almond and marula oil. Most of her faboulus ingriedients can be found all over the globe, Kenya, India (tamanu), Egypt (chamomile), Mali (baobab), Peru (quinoa).

I really like how the inside of the packaging looks like! 

I have 4 products that I will share my opinion on :)

Sweet Almond Cleansing Oil Balm ~  I really love the idea of double cleanse. For a quite some time I been using oils first and than I would follow up with my cleansing gel or balm. This balm to oil gently melts away makeup and dirt. it Smells wonderful too! Too be honest with this particular product i don't even need to follow up with any other cleansing products. It literally take it all off. But there is a con with this. If you take it off with water it get so greasy! like I need to use a paper towel to clean up all the,mess. Once that is done my skin does feel hydrated and clean. There is no makeup or greasy residue left.  I believe that people with dry skin would love this cleansing oil balm.  I am not a fan. I use L'Occitane  Cleansing oil and I think it works better in my opinion :) $28

Baobab Youth Infused Daily Defense Creme ~ Oh my goodness this creme smells so good! Moisturizer feels really lightweight and absorbs quickly leaving skin so soft and beautiful. My skin feels hydrated with out being greasy. I use it night time . for day time I reach for moisturizer with spf in it.  $35

Chamomile Soothing Sleep Mask ~ this ultra hydrating overnight facial mask instantly quenches skin with intense, lasting moisture and nourishment. This comforting cream works with skin's natrual nighttime recovery process to calm and rejuvenate tired looking skin with soothing blend of Chamomile, Calendula and Aloe Vera, With that said this is by far my favorite product.  Oh god how I love sleep masks! I do think they work wonders to the skin. And this one is no different/ Especially now, I been working a lot and myself and my skin feels tired. Once I apply this mask at least three times a week I can see a difference! My skin feels hydrated, calm and  well rested. I use it with Baobab daily moisturizer. I have to say once its on my face I feel more relax and I sleep better :) Definitely a must have in my routine . $35

Kenyan Coffee Lip Polish ~ did someone say coffee? Another great product by the brand. Lip scrubs and any kind of lip polishes are my jam. Well hello I been wearing matte liquid lipsticks and you know they are drying as hell. So a good scrub is a must have to get rid of the dry skin off my lips. I simply squeeze small amount and rub on my lips. I rinse with warm water. My lips feel really soft and plump :) After words I apply a lip balm for extra moisture. $24

Overall this brand is pricey I know , but at the same time is good. They use organic and natural ingredients and plus its cruelty free! No harmful ingredients what so ever. My personal favorites is the duo that I use night time Baobab creme and Chamomile Mask. 

You can find above products and more at Ulta near you :) 

Superior Skin Giveaway ~ GrenzCine Serum valued at $300

*pr sample*

Hello Loves!

I have an exciting giveaway for you :) I team up with few fellow blogger and Superior Skin to bring you this giveaway :) 

To be honest I have never heard of this brand. But thanks to Female Blogger RT on twitter I discover an amazing product. 

Vivier Pharma  is introducing GrenzCine Serum, a new discovery to the world that treat all layers of the skin leading to thicker, more luminous skin. 

Now who is it for :
* Patients with thin skin
* Enhances results of skin procedures ( laser treatments, retinoids, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling and exfoliants.)

How Polyamines and Vitamin C are known to work?
* Help repair cellular DNA
* Activate Collagen
* Make growth factors more efficient
* Restore antioxidant levels
* Speed up healing post-procedure
* Improve stressed and irritated skin
*UV protection

What are the Results?
* Increased firmness and hydration
* Thickened skin
* Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles 
* Increase luminosity
* Increase appearance of youthful looking skin
*Improve skin tone, texture and elasticity. 

I personally haven't try this serum for long , but the few days I been using it I really like it. 
First off works great on my sensitive skin. Some serums tend to break me out , this one don't. 
It absorbs fast and leaves skin looking healthy and I say glow-y. It does have slight scent to it that is very pleasant. Over all I will continue using it. So far I can tell that my skin really likes it. Cant wait to see more great results after few weeks :) 
Like I said in my earlier anti aging posts, better start with anti aging products now. Why wait? Plus anything with VITAMIN  C , sign me up!

Now do you want to score one GrenzCine Serum for yourself ? Its super easy ! 
Just enter and follow all the steps in the widget below :) There will be 3 winners , so good luck!

You can find more info on the serum on Superior Skin Website. Here is direct link to the serum (click here).

And be sure to visit all of our fabulous hosting bloggers!

Amanda  /  Lindsey  /  Monica  /  Swathi  /  Natalie

Contest will end on August 9. FBRT will announce 3 winners on Twitter. Superior Skin will send prizes to winners directly. By entering the giveaway widget below, you give permission to Superior Skin to contact you via email. Giveaway open to US and Canadian residents. 

PUR Cosmetics Diaries Collection ~ swatches

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Eeeekkk~ I just got new launches by PUR Cosmetics :) Their new Diaries collection that includes two palettes: eye shadow and contour.

OMG! the packaging is everything! 
Who doesn't love marble and rose gold? I know I do love it! What else blogger dream are made of?

There are two palettes in the collection :
* The Soiree Dairies Eye shadow palette
* The Contour Diaries contour palette

And yes they do look the diaries I used to have back in the days :)
Size wise I could compare them to Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette, PUR palettes are a bit shorter and a bit wider. The outer box is same as a packing, marble with rose gold details. Both palettes are on a bit thicker side. because they do resemble diaries. Both palettes have a mirror inside and shade names printed in rose gold.

The Soiree Dairies

An eye shadow palettes , that contain 12 beautiful shades. Perfect for day and night. The shadows are silky smooth and really pigmented. Mix of neutral, copper and bronze colors We have 4 mattes, 4 satin and 4 shimmers. I'm sorry but the shimmers are calling my name! :) Like I mentioned before there is a nice sized mirror, and the names are printed under each shade.  I do think this palette will be a hit!  Not only packaging  wise but the color selection as well :) Can't wait to play more with it .   $34

The Contour Diaries 

Now lets move to contour diary book. Same packaging as the eye shadow palette. Inside you will find six shades.

 3 highlights:
* Charm ~ light pink/peach
*Dream ~ golden
* Flirt ~ warm peach

3 brozners:
* Secret ~ light brown
* Passion ~ warm brown
* Mystery ~ deep brown

All shades are creamy and blend able. You can mix them to get you own desired shade as well.  Don't mind me as I go and play with my new babies :)

Pur Beauty is a cruelty free brand.

Both palettes are already available and PurCosmetics.Com and Khol's.
Which one are your getting?

Lancome L'absolu Rouge Lipsticks and Matte Shakers ~ swatches and review

*pr sample*

I get so excited every time I see Lancome products in Octoly store. 
Lancome is so good to me! Thank you so much for accepting and sending me all your wonderful products for the review.  It means a lot for a small blogger like me. 

This is not my first review of Lancome products on my blog. In the past I reviewed their color correctors (click here) and L'absolu Lipsticks (click here).
Also at some point I will be reviewing the Absolute Powders and Eye Cream :) 

Today I will be reviewing both L'absolu and Matte Shakers lippies. 
This time all my L'absolu Rouge lipstick came in cream finish. aside from matte, cream is my favorite. 
The lipsticks are really opaque and feel hydrating  on the lips. I really adore this formula.  Lipsticks wear pretty long and there is no need to reapply often.  there is about 44 shades in range so for sure you find something for yourself 

Shades I got:

* Beige Mirage ~ very pretty nudy beige with slight peachy undertones. I love this color , It look so pretty on its own and over a lip liner. Definitely one of my go to nudes. 

* Exotic Orchid ~ another my favorite. And I think this will be my most wearable color.  I would describe it as a nude rosy shade with hints of mauve. Kinda your lips but better :)  Out off Lancome lipsticks I won this one is by far my favorite. 

* Impatiente ~ This lippie unfortunately got stabbed with my nail.. ugh  clumsy me. Impatiente is this orangey red that personally I feel that don't look good on me :(...  There is something about the orange undertone that I cant pull it off.. yeah  thats how I feel.  If You ask my hubby and he will tell you that he dont care, I look good in any color :) Gotta love him ! Aside that slight orange undertone I will def will be wearing this beauty. Like I said this formula is really good. 

* Absolute Rouge ~ this creamy bright red with hints of pink in it.  Classic red that every girl needs. Beautiful and very wearable. This color and classic black wing liner and you good to go.  I do love red lips If I could I could be wearing red lipstick every day :) 

L'absolu rouge lipsticks are simply great. I love very comfortable formula and pigmentation. The do have a very nice scent to them . I do like scented makeup products, I dunno I know some people don't :) I mean come on whats not to love. They are luxurious, creamy and long lasting. I am eyeing one shade from this range. I swatched in sephora few weeks ago and fell in love :) Now hubby gotta pull out big bucks and get me that lipsticks.

Matte Shakers, a follow up to their glossy Juicy Shakers. Comes in the same cute cocktail shaker inspired tube.  The unique cushion sponge applicator allows maximum absorption. as for me  it is  really hard  to apply on the lips. Especially with darker colors. It gets messy  all over. I have to use a brush to clean up the edges.  The formula is really lightweight but really pigmented.  For me they do feel more like a lip stain than matte liquid lipstick. It take about 15 min for  the color to dry on the lips, once it does its transfer and kiss proof, plus you don't even feel the lipstick on the lips at all.   Formula contains water and oil so you have to shake to tube ( you will hear beads jumping in it ). The shake allows for the water and oil to mix up first. Do that before applying.  They do feel hydrating on the lips thanks to Vitamin E :)
 a little note: I didn't shacked Magic Orange, you can see how sheer is it on the swatch below.  And than there is another swatch of it once I shook the tube. 

There are 7 colors in the collection . The Shades I got:

* Beige Vintage ~ ummm hello! my new FAVE! I know I have a lot of faves lately. But this color is so pretty. warm dusty rose. Its is so flattering on my lips :) I love colors like that. 

* Energy Peach ~ beautiful classy peach shade. I don't own many peach lipsticks, one of my faves is Just Peachy by wet n wild, and since than I don't really reach for peachy shades often. This one is really pretty and looks beautiful on :)

* Magic Orange ~ when i first swatched it I was disappointed coz it was really sheer... but well I didn't shake the tube  so there was no color, but ... after i did OMG that orange is so bright and fun! I does look a lot brighter in the tube than on the lips. It is bright but not that bright  LOL .. you know what I am saying hahah  ...Wish I could pull off orange lips :( but yeah such a fun summer shade 

Here is a better swatch of Magic Orange. It does look better on the lips tho. :)

The last matte shaker was send to me before , but I thought why not include it in this post :)

.* Kiss Me Cherie ~ beautiful blue based red   and yes i love blue based reds. This one is like a berry kind of red that will look gorgeous on anyone :)

Aside of that big sponge applicator I really like them. If I am not mistaking they retail something around $22 which is not bad at all.

Thanks Lancome and Octoly ! Products were send for my honest review. 

Maybelline City Palettes ~ Graffiti Pop ~ swatches and review

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*pr sample*

I have to say I was looking forward to the new Maybelline City Palettes. 
I went yesterday to my local Rite Aid and guess what ?! Yes we finally have the display :)
I also notice few more new launches by Maybelline, that I am thinking of picking it up. 

But now I will show you what Influenster send me :) 
I got accepted in a Maybelline vox box and I got a Mini City Palette is a shade Graffiti Pop.
Now to be honest, if I would go now to pick few palettes, Graffiti Pop would not be on the list. I am eyeing few other ones, that I would like to try first . But... after swatching it, I fell in love :) I mean that blue and purple are just so pretty! plus palette do contain few natural shades, so I am able to create something wearable on my eyes. I really like the two shades on top of the blue one :) Those are my kind of shades :) 

Personally I really like the texture. Soft, creamy and pigmented. Graffiti Pop contains mostly shimmer and satin shades. There is 6 shades in the palettes and it cost $9.99. In my opinion they are better than other maybelline palettes, you know the bigger ones ? I did enjoyed the new 24k gold palette tho, but the others compared to this one were so so. The do retail at the same price but if I had to choose I would definitely purchase the mini'city palettes over the bigger palettes (im sorry but do they have a name? I can't remember). 

I do like the palettes and by the looking at them and seeing swatches online, I think they will be fun to play with. And hoarder in me want them and I think will get them soon :) There are 8 in total :)
Available at Ulta, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens
Price $9.99

*Thanks Influenster and Maybelline for sending me this palettes. Opinion is my own.,

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